ECC 2024 Spectator´s guide

Opening time:

The opening time of the competition venue is for both competition days: 09.00 h CEST

Access to the venue:

You will need a ticket or a control wristband to access the venue. If you want to leave the venue during the competition you need to collect a stamp on your wrist from the security staff at the entrance doors. Without that stamp re-admission is not possible.

Ticket sales on competition day(s):

It will still be possible to purchase day tickets at the venue. Please note that only cash payments are accepted.

Duration of competition:

Saturday July 6, 2024

Starting time: 11.00 h

End of last performance: 15.10 h (estimate)

Victory ceremony: 15.30 h (estimate)

Sunday July 7, 2024

Starting time: 10.00 h

End of last performance: 16.48 h (estimate)

Victory ceremony: 17.00 h (estimate)

Venue closes approx. 30 minutes after the end of the victory ceremony.

Food & Beverages:

It is not allowed to bring own food and beverages from outside of the competition venue in.

There is a food court at the ground level of the venue where spectators are invited to purchase food and drinks. Please do not bring the food and/ or drinks in the stands. Please do not drink alcoholic beverages in the stands during junior or mini competitions. Food and drinks can be consumed in the seating area before the food court, the platform on the first floor our outside of the competition venue.

Smoking policy:

Smoking inside of the venue is strictly forbidden. There is a designated smoking area outside of the competition venue.