The objective of the European Cheerleading Association (ECA) is to promote cheerleading in Europe in co-operation with its member associations.

The ECA organizes the official European Cheerleading Championships and the Junior European Cheerleading Championships. ECA also provides training for coaches of the member countries and training for judges for international competitions.

The ECA is a non-profit organization which follows the guidelines for other non-profit sports organizations in Europe. Only official non-profit organizations from European countries are eligible for membership.

These countries are represented int he ECA: Memberlist

The ECA regularly holds -> championships.

Rules & Regulations for the ECC and JECC are stated in the ECA Rules & Regulations Handbook. Download


Education & Training

In conjunction with the ICF, the ECA holds international coaches’ seminars (Class I & II) and the training for judges. This ensures that all coaches with the ICF Level I and Level II certificates have the same coaching standards. This enables the exchange of information, support, training camps etc.