ECC 2020will not take place on July 4/ 5, 2020 in Italy

European Cheerleading Championships 2020

Dear cheerleading community!

The outbreak of corona virus in Europe and especially in Italy have forced the Italian governmental authorities to impose strict regulations.

Those regulations, the uncertain development of the future scenario and the aim to prevent any damage to our athletes, prevent the LOC go forward with the preparation of the upcoming European Cheerleading Championships on July 4/ 5, 2020.

The LOC and ECA Board have agreed to terminate the hosting contract due to force majeure.

Therefore, the ECC will not take place on July 4/ 5, 2020 in Italy.

As further consequence the ECA Board have decided to not search for a different host in a different country for the same time of the year as the virus outbreak is taking place in whole Europe.

The ECA Board will consult with the membership if the ECC shall be re-staged at a later time in 2020 (which eventually could be in Italy with the current set-up already prepared) or cancel the ECC 2020 with no European Champion crowned overall. However, his evaluation might take some time, as currently nobody knows when the crisis will be over or if there will be a second outbreak of the flue later this year.

LOC and ECA Board are really sorry for this development but the first priority is the health of our athletes, spectators, judges, officials and the volunteers.

In a time where whole countries are struggling to uphold civil lives the sport has to stand behind.

We wish our fellow Italian friends all the best to overcome this crisis.

Best regards

Liudmila Zueva                                Marco Tomasini

ECA President                                   Chairman LOC