ECA European Cheerleading Championships July 8/9 at Wiesbaden (Germany)

The ECA European Cheerleading Championships 2023 edition will take place on July 8/9 in Wiesbaden, Germany.

The competition venue will be the “Sporthalle am Platz der Deutschen Einheit” which is owned by the City of Wiesbaden.

Wiesbaden is the capital of the German Federal State of Hesse and has almost 300.000 inhabitants.

The venue was opened in 2014, has a capacity of 2.100 spectators and is located in the heart of the city with excellent public transport connections.

“We are happy to be guests in Wiesbaden with the European Championships” stated Mr. Marc Watry (ECA Board member). “Germany is known as an excellent host of Cheerleading events. The last ECC, before the Pandemic, was in 2019 in Heidelberg and everybody enjoyed being there.”

“We are delighted that the ECC will take place in Wiesbaden and that we can support this event and be hosts for the European Cheerleading community.” Mrs. Kim Stark, Head of Cheerleading of the Wiesbaden Phantoms, comments the decision.” Eventually our own cheerleaders can qualify for the participation in the Championships and play an active part.”

“We want to present this great event in Wiesbaden to our sponsors and the Phantoms Family as additional highlight of the year 2023”, states Mr. Reinald H. Shoopinsky, Vice-President of the Wiesbaden Phantoms.

The ECA member federations will receive more information about registration deadlines and the ECC as soon as possible.