On the initiative of CSEN Cheerleading, our Italian member, ECA is starting a new
project – CheerAbility!

The aim of the project is to offer athletes with disabilities an opportunity to
become part of the world of Cheerleading by participating in national and
European competitions both in a demonstration version and in competition. The
main purpose of the CHEERABILITY project is represented by the INCLUSION of
cheerleaders through the various sporting moments, but it is certainly also to
involve as many clubs and as many athletes as possible in participating in this
project which intends to increase interest in attracting disable athletes to various
cheerleading activities.

To make all this possible we are preparing rules and regulations that will include
Cheerleading, Cheer dance, and Urban divisions, so that the athletes can perform
according to their abilities, attitudes and preparation.
Meanwhile, the coming ECC 2024 which will take place in Wiesbaden, Germany
on July 6&7 invite teams and clubs that develop cheerleading/cheer dance for
disable athletes to participate with demonstration programs!