We are glad to announce that the ECA delegates at the Annual General meeting in February 2024 unanimously accepted CSEN Cheerleading as an ECA Full member.

The National Educational Sports Center (CSEN) is a Sports Promotion Body founded in 1976, recognized by CONI and CIP.
CSEN is also a National Body with welfare purposes recognized by the Ministry of the Interior, a National Body for Social Promotion, a body accredited by the MIUR for the training of school staff and a member of the National Third Sector Forum.

The National Cheerleading sector and its development in the territory was entrusted to the National Manager of Csen Cheerleading Riccardo Cavalieri, who in turn chose Alessandro Garuti for the General Management and Valentina Peddiu for the National Secretariat.
Currently Csen Cheerleading is the reference point for Cheerleading and Cheerdance in Italy, with over 60 affiliated associations throughout Italy and over 2000 athletes.

CSEN operates throughout the national territory, divided into 20 Regional Committees and 106 Provincial Committees. With 1,650,000 Executive Members, Technicians, Athletes, Amateurs, 15,540 A.S.D. Sports Associations. / S.S.D, over 4,300 Basic Sports Associations (Sports Association Bases) and just under 2,000 affiliated Social Promotion and Free Time Associations, 1,300,000 Sports Members, 500,000 Free Time Members and 20 Regional Committees CSEN is one of the largest bodies Sports Promotion of the country.

CSEN promotes and organizes amateur and competitive events for all ages and organizes local and national championships and tournaments for all categories.

The National Educational Sports Center (CSEN):
It pursues a promotional and sports propaganda purpose of high social value.
It contributes to the development of sports practice and the realization of the goal of a sport for all.
It creates the conditions for a broader development of physical education, sport and health.
Collaborates with the C.O.N.I. and the Sports Federations, with the School, with the Regions and Local Authorities, with the social and political forces and with the free associations of other countries.
Stimulates the growth of sports clubs.
It operates throughout the national territory on a non-profit basis.