8th Cheerleading World Championships 2015 – Bulletin No.3

Dear CWC 2015 Participants

With the 8th Cheerleading World Championships 2015 just a few weeks away, please find attached “Bulletin No.3” prepared by the organising committees.
You can download – 8th Cheerleading World Championships 2015 – Bulletin No.3  HERE

In this bulletin you will find information about;

  1. Updated overall schedule (Wednesday 18th to Monday 23rd)
  2. Update about practice on Thursday 19th (see page 7)
  3. Official Functions
  4. Accreditation System
  5. Lunch (Order form included)
  6. Official Competition ProgrammeThere are deadlines associated with No. 5 and 6 so please check these sections carefully.

Also, please be advised that the performance order (for official rehearsal and competition day 1) has been established through a draw at the IFC office in Tokyo.  Refer to the additional attachments for further details which also include performance times.  More detailed scheduling for Friday, Saturday and Sunday (including times for warm-up and uniform check etc) will be distributed in due course.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.