Cheerleading Coaches Class in Kiev

Annett Sobek after the Cheerleading Coaches Class in Kiev:
“A great experience with a lot of motivation and great cordiality”

Kiev – The cheerleading coaches class in Kiev, for which the Ukrainian association had specifically invited Annett Sobek, a member of the CVD’s National Sports Commission, proved to be a great success.

More than 60 participants followed the remarks of their German guest on two days and proved to be very eager to learn.

“I was impressed by how each participant picked up all the information and tips and immediately tried to implement them. All of them were incredibly motivated and supported each other. The individual team affiliation did not matter. Somebody always jumped in when needed. We were ONE team for the two days. ”

In the practical part, with the help of all participants, stunts and pyramids, including various mounts, transitions and dismounts as well as basket and various skills were trained, directly improved and later analyzed.

In the theoretical part was worked out how to correct, proceed didactically and find the right address to his team. “The participants have noted down all the details and internalized very quickly, although linguistically it was an enormous challenge. But I had a very good translator.” And finally, the language of the sport is almost the same everywhere. “Everyone clapped or hugged each other after every exercise. Gestures sometimes say more than words. ”

Sobek also impressed the preparation of the association. “Everything was well organized, I was warmly welcomed and was able to complete the course in the best conditions. I felt very comfortable with the whole friendliness. ”

The participants obviously also.After all, the organizer already asked for a follow-up seminar.